NFL has scene removed from upcoming movie ‘Draft Day’

The cast of the movie 'Draft Day' left to right Terry Crews, Chadwick Boseman, Jennifer Garner, Kevin Costner and Denis Leary pose for a photo at the Sheraton in Time Square.

Adam Hunger/Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

If you sign on with the NFL, you’re going to have to play by their rules.

Kevin Costner, who plays Cleveland Browns General Manager Sonny Weaver Jr. in the new movie ‘Draft Day’, said he wouldn’t have done the movie, "unless the NFL was involved."

Well, according to the LA Times, having the NFL on board led to a scene being removed from the upcoming film.

The scene had Cleveland Browns’ fans hanging a statue or representation of Costner’s character.

"I thought it was a real funny moment, but I think the NFL’s really cracking down on fan behavior both inside the stadium and outside," Costner said. "The idea of hanging somebody, for as funny as I thought it was, and as realistic as I thought it was, it was just an image that I didn’t want in the movie. That was a small price for us to pay, but it shows that they were watching very closely." (via

Goodell strikes again!

Taking this scene out of the movie makes sense, because Cleveland fans are perfectly reasonable people.

They would never burn jerseys, or say riot if the Browns don’t select Johnny Football with their fourth overall pick.

No, they’d never do that.