Bengals select new cheerleaders amid allegations over fair pay

Former Bengals cheerleaders have been joined by members of a number of other NFL teams' units in filing lawsuits based on wages.

Controversy surrounding proper compensation has not stopped a new fleet of women from joining the ranks of the Ben-Gals.

The Cincinnati Bengals recently announced their group of 30 cheerleaders for the 2014 season, narrowing down the field of more than 50 following final auditions.

Former Ben-Gals cheerleaders have put the unit in the news in recent months. In February, Alexa Brenneman filed a class-action lawsuit against the team alleging that she is underpaid for her hours of work and appearances.

Ex-Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones has been back in court for an appeal of her lawsuit against, which she won on claims of defamation, libel and invasion of privacy based on a story from the site alleging she slept with players and had received sexually transmitted diseases.



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A number of other NFL cheerleaders have joined the fray in taking legal action. Raiders, Bills, Jets and, most recently, Buccaneers cheerleaders have all sued their employing teams on similar claims of unfair wages.

You can see a photo gallery of this season’s Bengals cheerleaders on the team’s website.