NBA Daily: Bosh and the Lakers? Hey, why not?

Will Chris Bosh stay with the Miami Heat?

Robert Mayer/Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

My daily NBA playoff thoughts. I cannot promise there will only be one post per day…

1. Well, the second round has been a bust. Actually, that judgment is much too soon and probably too harsh. The second round just hasn’t been as good as the first, and what could be? The NBA should’ve just walked off after the first round and declared a paper champion. I think everyone would’ve been satisfied.

2. The Clippers and Spurs, in that order, look like the NBA’s two best teams to me at the moment. The Heat are third. Of course, the Heat also have the league’s best player in LeBron James. So that usually means the most when it’s winning time. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade aren’t the threats they used to be, but they’re still good enough to help carry James to another title. But when watching the Clippers and Spurs, I feel confident saying a third straight title is no sure thing for the Heat.

3. It will be interesting to see what develops in Miami after the season. If the Heat win it again, I think they stay together for at least another year.

4. I do think there’s a possibility Bosh could opt out to sign with the Lakers — but that admittedly seems like a long shot. I can tell you the interest is there on both sides. But will the Lakers have the cash? And would Bosh want to leave a real contender for a team that needs rebuilding?



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5. The answers are yes and yes. Bosh would be a clear No. 2 man (behind Kobe Bryant) in LA. Being a star in Hollywood is among the few things that supersede being a third option in South Beach. But a lot of things would be in play here. First, it would mean the Lakers letting free agent Pau Gasol walk. No biggie there. Second, it would mean Bosh opting out of a really good situation. A little bigger deal. Third, the Lakers would have to find money under the cap for Bosh. With the deals they gave to Bryant and Steve Nash, a bigger deal still.

6. Basically, I think if anyone starts an exodus out of Miami, it will be Bosh, not LeBron. But I think if Bosh leaves, LeBron will, too. Not that the two are tight — they’re not. They get along and respect each other, but they’re not best pals by any stretch. James and Wade are indeed very close. But when LeBron was in Cleveland, he tried to sell Bosh on the Cavs. Bosh went to Miami instead. So LeBron did, too. But Bosh and Wade, and James and Wade, are tighter than Bosh and James.

7. Anyway, all of that means nothing. I just thought it would be a nice talking point. Or at least something I could drone on about (I’m good at that).

8. What interests me just as much, actually, is what becomes of the Nets after the season. Do Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce return? Can you get anything decent for Deron Williams in a trade? Can you add some decent youth? I think the Nets are among the many that should have an intriguing offseason.

9. Within the next few weeks, I will write daily offseason reports for every NBA team. Probably once the Finals get here. I think you might enjoy them. If nothing else, you will enjoy getting to say, "Man. Amico REALLY needs to get out more."

10. That is it for today. Well, for now. Enjoy the playoff games and we’ll talk in a bit.