Michael Sam sacking Johnny Manziel makes a Twitter user eat his words

It was a tweet gone awry when what one guy thought was unthinkable came to fruition Saturday night.

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

With two of the most-scrutinized draft picks, Johnny Manziel and Michael Sam, on the field during Saturday night’s preseason game between the Cleveland Browns and St. Louis Rams, people were talking.

Some on social media make lofty assertions with no thought into the possible repercussions should their tweet actually come true. Well, that happened to one guy as a result of the two rookies and a sack that sent shockwaves surging through social media.

Meet @SquareKnight, who thought it so unbelievable that Sam would sack, then taunt Manziel, that he made a big promise Saturday morning.

And then, this happened.

So he was left to figure out where to go next (and it’s quite funny to watch unfold– a Twitter stream of consciousness, so to say).

This guy may be Nostradamus, and he’s already got another prediction up his sleeve.

Sam chimed in with a charity of choice and the guy is going to give to a good cause.

Just another reminder: think before you tweet — or you may end up promising the world drinks for all of time, realizing you can’t actually live up to that, then tweeting with a professional athlete. Guess it actually ended up working out pretty swell, as the clock hits 14:59.

(h/t For The Win)