Mascot, boy communicate via sign language

OK, so sports mascots are not supposed to talk, right? This is one of those rules that everyone knows, and it seems to even lend something to the aura of the various bears, cats, warriors and other costumed characters that entertain fans at sporting events.

Well, the Dayton Dragons mascot, Heater, managed to adhere to that rule and communicate with a young fan at the same time in a video that shows a heart-warming moment for a young deaf boy who roots for the Single-A club of the Cincinnati Reds.

The young fan in the video is Hunter Samworth, and his mother, Cheri, described to WRGT TV in Dayton what the experience was like for her son.

"You can see on the video, his smile is like, ‘He gets me. He understands me. He speaks my language. It’s just a completely different experience for Hunter."

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