Love calls Cleveland trade rumors not outlandish

While much of the basketball world focuses on what is shaping up to be an epic Finals between the Heat and Spurs, rumors continue to swirl off the court about how rosters are going to look next year.

The Cavaliers have been a major part of those rumors and reports thanks to their possession of the No. 1 overall pick and the potential to make some major moves.

Kevin Love is one of the biggest names who could be available on the trade market, but could he end up in Cleveland?

"I don’t think the Cleveland (trade rumors) are outlandish at all," he told Jason McIntyre of in an interview published Wednesday night. "They have a great young foundation."

The Minnesota Timberwolves power forward could become a free agent after next season, and the team could trade him before that in order to assure it gets something in return.

He told Fox Sports’ Aja Dang his priority is winning.

"I don’t really have a wishlist, I just want to win, wherever that may be," Love said. "One of the 30 teams; (I) want to play for a great coach, great teammates … it’s not about just one player. It’s not about myself, it’s about a whole team."

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