LeBron’s powerful Beats by Dre ad celebrates his return to Ohio

LeBron James signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer has been all about one thing: coming home.

Coming home to his original NBA team, coming home to his first fans, and coming home to his roots in Akron.

On Sunday, Beats by Dre released a new commercial starring James called "RE-ESTABLISHED 2014." James has the words "Akron Est. 1984" tattooed on his chest, which are the inspiration for the commercial.

In the description for the commercial, Beats says: "This offseason, with Powerbeats2 Wireless, LeBron has re-established his body through intense training. He’s also re-established his legacy and connections to the community in Akron."

Beats has released an entire series of commercials in which LeBron speaks on numerous subjects such as Akron and his mom.

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