On Manziel: Warren Moon skeptical, Gary Danielson sees something special

Patric Schneider/AP

The NFL Draft is still more than two weeks away — yes, you’re reading that right.

What seems like a never-ending wait full of rumors, speculation and smokescreens will continue on ’til the very final seconds before the first pick is read on May 8.

So, to pass the time, it’s valid to believe that we have to get every former NFL player or current analyst’s take on something draft-related. When those opinions concern Johnny Manziel — even better.

The latest to weigh in are two former NFL quarterbacks, Warren Moon and Gary Danielson.

Moon put up gaudy stats in his 17-year NFL career, 10 of which he played with the Houston Oilers. The Hall of Famer isn’t sure about Manziel’s pro prospects.



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In an interview on Sirius XM NFL Radio, Moon said: "I just think in the NFL, some of those [risks], he’s going to have to take out of his game. He just won’t be able to get away with some of those things that he did in college football, especially taking on people, being as physical as he likes to play the game. I don’t think you can do that in the NFL or you won’t be available for your football team."

Danielson, a former Browns quarterback, has watched plenty of Manziel as a color commentator on CBS’ SEC games. He’s impressed and sees bright days ahead for the Texas A&M quarterback.

In a piece filed by Tony Grossi, Danielson gives his take on Manziel and how he could figure into the Browns’ quarterback situation: "I really believe he’s something special. And here’s the funny part — I think he’s worth the risk. Back in the day, when you drafted a quarterback — and the Browns have been through this — if you make a mistake, it devastates your franchise. Now it doesn’t devastate your franchise as much. It’s a tough mistake and you’re always saying you could have had ‘that guy.’ But there’s not a lot of sure things in the draft."

Analysis regarding Manziel is one of the most polarizing aspects of this draft season. Some think he should go No. 1 overall, while others dispute his merits as a first-round prospect. Moon and Danielson’s differing opinions won’t swing the pendulum.