All eyes on Johnny: Manziel gets caught flipping Redskins the finger (VIDEO)

All eyes are on Johnny Manziel.

That included the second half of Monday night’s game, when Manziel gave the middle finger to the Washington Redskins bench.

"I should have been smarter about that," Manziel said. "I should have let it slide off my back and go to the next play. I had a lapse of judgement."

It seemed as if Manziel was sincere in his apology and it was evident by his reaction when cameras apparently caught the Browns PR director telling Johnny that everyone just witnessed his profane gesture on national TV.

News travels fast on social media, as Manziel knows. He could soon find out that the NFL can fine players up to $11,025 for obscene gestures.

"It does not sit well," Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine said after the game of the gesture. "It’s disappointing. We talk about being poised, being focused.

"I was surprised when I heard about it. Other than that I thought he was composed."

Asked after the game, Manziel’s competitor for the Browns starting job, Brian Hoyer said he didn’t know about the gesture.

"If anything, you have to know the cameras are always on," Hoyer said.