Givin’ the digits! Club exec describes Manziel’s bold move in Vegas

It’s been a few days since we heard anything new about Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel’s much-ballyhooed Memorial Day trip to Las Vegas.

The "story" that Manziel called a "non-story" garnered oodles of buzz and attention for the city (think about how many time "Vegas" was uttered in sports media last week).

Norm Clarke, gossip columnist at the Las Vegas Review Journal, writes that a top club executive in Vegas said Johnny Football’s vacation was "great for Vegas," comparing his presence to mega-stars Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

Perhaps the best part of Clarke’s story is how the executive, who wished to remain anonymous, says Manziel handled business with him.


Clarke writes: "The executive, who has witnessed chutzpah in every form, was caught off guard when Manziel approached him and said, ‘I heard you’re the owner. I want to give you my number.’ Manziel took the exec’s cellphone and typed his phone number into the contact list."

The legend of Johnny Football grows — and expect another Vegas trip sometime in the not-too-distant future.

(h/t to SI Audibles)