Johnny Football lends nickname to Kenny Hill

It only took about two games during his first season at quarterback for Texas A&M for Manziel mania to sweep the college football world and land Johnny Manziel the nickname, Johnny Football.

The nickname has stuck with Manziel ever since. So much so, that he even trademarked it.

Now, after a record breaking performance against South Carolina, A&M quarterback Kenny Hill has been given his own nickname by Johnny Manziel.

‘Kenny Football’ of course.

Johnny Football even led his post-game presser off with a ‘Kenny Football Baby’.

Manziel wasn’t the only one to take to twitter and lend the esteemed ‘Football’ to the end of Hill’s name, but in this case he is the most important.

How does Kenny Hill feel about his new nickname?

"I don’t really like ‘Kenny Football’," Hill said after Thursday’s game.

Sadly for Hill, if he keeps up the stellar play like Thursday night he probably won’t be able to escape it because the Johnny Football comparisons are only going to continue.

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