John Calipari will call your mom for five bucks

John Calipari has been open and honest on Twitter, and that’s won the Kentucky coach points with people who might previously have not counted themselves as Calipari fans.

On Mother’s Day, Calipari tweeted to the ever-loyal #BBN — that’s Big Blue Nation, in case you were wondering — that for just five bucks, Kentucky fan moms could get a call from him through is a service that gives fans the chance to receive or send recorded phone calls from certain celebrities, or use celebrity voices on voicemail greetings. Calipari is featured on the company’s website alongside Justin Bieber, Dr. Phil, Snoop Dogg, Charlie Sheen and Mike Tyson, among others. People actually pay for this stuff.

The very first reply to Calipari’s tweet pretty much summed it up: "Feels tacky."

Other replies to the tweet ranged from angry to unprintable.

Calipari has 1.27 million Twitter followers. There’s no word on how many folks truly gave up flowers for a recorded message from Calipari, but what Calipari touches generally turns to gold.

Even if this particular tweet came off as more than a little strange.