Illinois students make funny attempt to jeer Ohio State PG Aaron Craft, but fail

The Illinois student section had some fun trying to jeer their opponent during Saturday’s matchup with Ohio State. But it didn’t work.

Known as the "Orange Krush", the Illini’s student fan organization put together a pretty funny chant-quote-harassment sheet, including their own version of a player bio for Buckeyes point guard Aaron Craft.

Although totally inaccurate — unless he really is adopted and his real dad really is Dan Dakich — it’s totally hilarious.

Take a look at the "dirt" they came up with for what they affectionately called a "Yuck-eyes" bio, via Ryan Ginn of the Buckeye Sports Bulletin:

Based on how the game went, they probably spent more time coming up with "clever" cheers than they did actually chanting them.

Of course it’s easy to laugh about now, because Craft scored 14 points on the way to the Buckeyes’ scrappy 48-39 win over the Fighting Illini.