Holmgren’s tenure with Browns ends, officially

CLEVELAND — Mike Holmgren can at least say he left Cleveland a winner.

In a move that was coming but wasn’t expected this soon, the Browns confirmed a report on CBS that Holmgren’s last game with the Browns was Sunday’s 20-14 win over the Steelers.

Holmgren will move on — perhaps to coach Dallas, perhaps to retire in Seattle. His tenure with the team is over.

The Browns record since Holmgren joined the Browns: 12-31 overall, 10-29 as team president.

Holmgren had a going-away news conference in October, when he lamented the team’s record and the fact that he could not finish what he hoped to accomplish, but in recent weeks he has been dogged by rumors that he is in line to coach the Cowboys if Jerry Jones fires Jason Garrett.

Prior to last Sunday’s game and after the rumors had broke, Holmgren and Jones shared very warm greetings.

Those greetings and that scene did not impress new owner Jimmy Haslam, and may have led to Holmgren’s abrupt and sooner-than-expected departure, according to those close to the team.

Holmgren will address the media on Monday and discuss the particulars of the decision, and his plans at that time.