Minor-league team sports festive jerseys for Christmas in July

The Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers wore ugly Christmas jerseys for Saturday's doubleheader and hit a ho-ho-homerun with fans.

The Toledo Mud Hens got in the holiday spirit for the Christmas (in July) season.

The Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers decided on the festive theme for Saturday’s doubleheader against the Louisville Bats — which featured not one, but two different Christmas-themed jerseys.

The Mud Hens sported these elf-inspired jerseys for the noon game:

For the night cap, The Hens made a costume change into these awesome Santa suit jerseys — and relief pitcher Melvin Mercedes made a pretty solid attempt to pull off the complete look:

The Mud Hens of course are no stranger to creative jerseys. Earlier this season they hosted "Ghostbusters Night" and the players rocked some pretty sweet Ghostbusters-themed uniforms:

Say what you want about wacky minor-league baseball promotions, but the Mud Hens must be doing something right — because both of Saturday’s games were sellouts.

(H/T SB Nation)