Gordon still thinks Browns will draft a QB

Who will be throwing the ball to Josh Gordon in Cleveland?

Andrew Weber/USA TODAY Sports

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Josh Gordon raised some eyebrows when he said he was "pretty sure" the Browns would draft a quarterback with the fourth pick when he was on ESPN last month.

He mentioned Johnny Manziel on the first appearance and then said Teddy Bridgewater would be his choice on another appearance–likely after talking with those at the top of the organization. He then talked up Blake Bortles and Derek Carr on other occasions.

Gordon covered all the bases.

He’s become a little more diplomatic and vague now but still thinks the Browns will draft a quarterback–however he wouldn’t say if he thought it would be with the fourth overall pick.



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"From talking with Ray Farmer, I’m still pretty sure we’re going to take a quarterback," Gordon said in an exclusive interview with FOX Sports Ohio in Rochester, N.Y. on Saturday.

Gordon said he likes Brian Hoyer and believes he can lead the Browns to a winning season.

"Brian is doing well and he can do a great job for us and lead us to wins."

Although not saying whom his favorite is, Gordon said he thinks there are quarterbacks that can help the Browns win now and in the future.

"I like a lot of those guys," Gordon said. "I think whoever we get will be the best option for us. It’s such a deep draft class of quarterbacks and they’ve all had really great years. I feel that anybody we get will be able to make something happen."

Gordon gave his assessment of the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft.

"Blake Bortles seems like a real tall, sturdy quarterback that might be able to withstand a strong conference like ours," Gordon said. "He looks like he might be able to battle attrition and stay healthy.

"Johnny Manziel is a real fireball, athletic player," he said. "A really polarizing, electric figure, who will bring a lot of fans out and be an exciting player.

"Derek Carr has an amazing arm on him and he has run the West Coast offense.


"Teddy Bridgewater is an amazing athlete," he said. "I really don’t think you can lose with any of those guys."

Of the prospective quarterbacks, Gordon said he’s only been in touch with Manziel, as recently as the day of his appearance.

"I actually talked to Johnny over Twitter a little while ago."

Gordon was asked who he would pick if it were up to him.

"Whoever we pick will be the best quarterback for us."