Gene Winters Super Bowl prediction

For the last 13 years my Super Bowl formula has been flawless hitting an amazing 92.3% of the time. My only defeat was in Super Bowl XLIV when New Orleans upset Peyton Manning and the Colts 31-17. On Monday during Sidekicks I predicted a 20-14 Denver win and you can watch that episode with myself and Ashley here.

I decided this year to let you inside the formula to see the method behind my madness:

1. Ohio College kids on Super Bowl Rosters:

Denver: 1 Seattle: 0 Advantage: Denver

2. Total number when adding up the jersey numbers:

Denver: 2,806 Seattle: 2,882 Advantage: Seattle

3. Super Bowl History:

Denver: 2-4 Seattle: 0-1 Advantage: Denver

4. Driving Distance (Fan Support)

Denver: 1,775.3 Miles (28:26 hours) Seattle: 2,833.8 Miles (46:21 hours) Advantage: Denver

5. Super Bowl Coaches first name and history in the Super Bowl

Denver: John (or Jon) 2-2 Seattle: Pete Carrol 0-0 Advantage: Seattle

6. Madden simulation:

Denver 31 — Seattle 28 Advantage: Denver

7. Year of the Horse

Advantage: Denver

8. Last year Super Bowl mascot — Raven (Bird)

Advantage: Seattle

9. Players that share the same name as my Daughters:

Denver: 1 (Peyton) Seattle: 1 (Morgan) Advantage: Push

As you can see the clear advantage is with Denver but for some reason I feel Manning is going to let me down. These results mirror the Saints victory over Manning and that Saints team featured a short QB, a good D and a Coach that will take risk.