Did Andrew Bynum tip off a fan two days ago?

As far as we can tell, Andrew Bynum didn’t share his final decision Wednesday evening with Matt Schieman. 
But the two apparently did talk earlier this week, in Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Bynum was leaving for Atlanta after having visited with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday. 
Based on his tweet, Bynum apparently told Schieman then that he thought he’d be playing for the Cavaliers next season.

As Bynum boarded his flight, Schieman snapped a picture. He then tweeted it at Cleveland blogger Peter Pattakos, who goes by @ClevelandFrowns on Twitter, at 6:59 on Monday evening.  
Information Age, right?
We don’t know if Bynum (and, in turn, Schieman) knew something then that the rest of us didn’t, or if Bynum was simply appeasing a Cleveland fan. We do know that Schieman is a diehard Cleveland sports fan who grew up in Shaker Heights and hasn’t been available to take inquiries or expound upon his Monday night airport conversation with a very tall man we now know is headed back to Cleveland.  
Schieman was leaving for his honeymoon in St. Lucia. His phone is off, and he might not even know that Bynum agreed to join the Cavaliers on Wednesday night.