WATCH: Omar Vizquel caught salsa dancing in Tigers clubhouse

Former MLB shortstop Omar Vizquel dazzled on the diamond with his smooth moves throughout his 24-year career.

Turns out he also has some pretty slick moves on the dance floor.

Vizquel, who is now a coach for the Detroit Tigers, was recently caught on camera in the Tigers’ spring training clubhouse strutting his stuff with what looks to be a professional salsa dancer.

Salsa lessons today! 😂 #Omarsapro @omarvizquel13

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The video was captured on Instagram by Tigers infielder J.D. Martinez, who reportedly got in on the salsa action himself.

Even at age 47, Omar can still move.

What did you expect from a guy who won 11 Gold Gloves — including one at the age of 39?

Vizquel played for six different teams throughout his career, but played the longest for the Cleveland Indians (1994-2004).

He retired in 2012 at the age of 45, playing his final major-league game with the Toronto Blue Jays.

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