Corey Kluber takes Hollywood turn with hilarious ‘audition’ for ‘True Detective’

Corey Kluber has the serious role down pat.

Chris Williams/Icon SMI

Indians pitcher Corey Kluber has elevated himself to a Cy Young award candidate with his impeccable performance since the All-Star break.

Could an Emmy be the next honor for which the dynamic Kluber aims?

Watch as Kluber submits his "audition" tape for the role of Rust Cohle, the homicide detective played by Matthew McConaughey on HBO’s "True Detective."

The drama is purely palpable.

For comparison’s sake, here’s a taste of McConaughey’s portrayal of Cohle, for which he earned an Emmy nomination.

We’re not sure of Kluber’s acting resume but if this clip is any indication, he’s got some major-league chops.