Comment of the Day: Too much Manziel mania!

If you think that Johnny Football Vegas Manziel has been over-hyped and over-publicized, join the crowd.

Like all media entities covering the Browns or the NFL, writes stories on Johnny Manziel because readers seemingly can’t get enough of him, at least based on what our traffic numbers say.

Still, many fans appear to be at a saturation point with the 24/7 coverage of Manziel, and say so in our Comment of the Day.

Malkosha writes:

Johnny Football is a win-win for the media. If he does well they can hype him until tomorrow. If he crashes they can run with that too. He’s just a story and as we all know by now, if there isn’t a real story to run with … well … they can make one up.

Therefore when it comes to Johnny Football in the news; unless he scored 4 touchdowns in a single game like that great FB star Al Bundy, just accept the fact that its a slow news day and Johnny is the filler.

jbbmusic thinks that the media has selected Johnny out as a "whipping boy".

Why? All of the other drafted players are not criticized and they are all paid to do a job. They go out and have fun on off days (like very other person on Earth). The media just picks a guy to be a whipping boy….and the dumber fans go right along with it.

Maxine Bates posts from Facebook and says Johnny needs to remember this moment:

He can live his life however he wants. He needs to remember that when he flips and underhand INT for a TD and he is booed out of Cleveland Browns Stadium. The fans can do what they want to. Should be learning how to be an NFL QB rather than a party boy.

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