Comment of the Day: Katherine Webb is NOT available

New Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb are slated to be married this Summer. 

Our story on AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb selecting a young girl stricken with leukemia to be their Flower Girl at their wedding drew a lot of responses. Some protested that it wasn’t a pure sports story, others poked at the photograph that we posted with the article. Some wondered about what role Brent Musburger might have had in the story. 

But our favorites were folks who pointed out how classy a move it was for the new Bengals quarterback and his bride-to-be. 

Paul Flaugher, posting on Facebook, noted:

That is awesome, I hope AJ McCarron brings that great attitude with him to the Bengals. We need more good examples of humility and humanity. Hope he will be a positive role model, Love The Bengals but some of the players in the past have fallen short on character.

WhiskeyFire, whose favorite team drafted Teddy Bridgewater over McCarron, wrote:

Nice touch by McCarron and Webb. That’s something that little girl will really enjoy. 

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