Columbus Blue Jackets Break TV Ratings Record

The Blue Jackets shocked Tampa Bay with a 7-3 win last night, completing a four-game sweep of the Lightning and getting the team’s first ever Stanley Cup Series win. It’s the first time a Presidents’ Trophy winner has been swept in the first round.

The game delivered a 9.83 HH rating (approx. 90,000 Columbus homes) on FOX Sports Ohio, highest ever in franchise history.

  • Beating previous #1 rated game by +19% (8.27 HH on 4/21/2014 vs. Penguins)
  • The rating peaked at a 13.78 HH
  • The final hour of game play averaged a 12.46 HH rating
  • The 9.83 HH rating is over six times the regular season average rating (1.61 HH), which was the third highest regular season rating in franchise history (see below)
  • The 45-minute Blue Jackets Live postgame show delivered a 5.1 HH

The four-game series averaged a 6.48 HH.

Two of the top six rated CBJ games of all time have come this series:

  1. 9.83 HH on 4/16/2019 vs. Lightning
  2. 8.27 HH on 4/21/2014 vs. Penguins
  3. 8.08 HH on 4/26/2014 vs. Penguins
  4. 8.02 HH on 10/7/2000 vs. Blackhawks – first CBJ game ever, simulcast with WBNS TV
  5. 7.81 HH on 4/28/2014 vs. Penguins
  6. 7.14 HH on 4/14/2019 vs. Lightning

FOX Sports Ohio is replaying the Game 4 win tomorrow, April 18, at 7 p.m.

Regular season rating perspective
Local Regular Season Ratings for Blue Jackets Games on FOX Sports Ohio 3rd Highest in Franchise History

FOX Sports Ohio’s 2018-19 Blue Jackets regular season averaged a 1.61 household rating in Columbus

  • 3rd highest ever for the Jackets on FSO
  • 2nd highest rated season is their 2008-09 season (1.86 HH), when the Jackets had their first playoff berth, and their highest rated season in franchise history remains the 2016-17 season (2.09 HH)
  • Up +3% from last season’s 1.59 HH, the team’s 4th highest rated season of all time