Clevelanders square off with Gordon on Twitter

As Twitter smackdowns go, it was pretty significant. One ex-Brown taking on a present player, and handling things more than well.
The present player: Wide receiver Josh Gordon, who during the NBA playoffs and especially the past few days has sounded the trumpet in favor of LeBron James and the Miami Heat. It seemed that Gordon enjoyed antagonizing Cleveland fans who are … well … not fond of James.
To the point that he posted this on Twitter after Miami won its second title in a row Thursday night:

Gordon had previously posted that the “haters (were) creeping back onto the couches now.”
Cleveland fans responded angrily that Gordon was poking at them while a member of the Cleveland Browns. While some said Gordon could root for whomever he wants, others were irate at Gordon’s taunt.
Worse, he’s suspended the first two games of the season and playing without pay for two more for violating the league’s substance abuse program.
He blamed it on codeine, but he’d had at least three failed tests for marijuana in college.
Gordon was joined by Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor, who supported James and said: “Same people hating @KingJames now be the first to buy a jersey if he comes back. Saying ‘I knew my Homei was coming back!!’”
And: “Just because I play in Cleveland doens’t mean I gotta hate who yall hate! Get out of hear (sic) wit the hating. Imma still sleep good tonight.”
Before signing off, Taylor added he still loved Cleveland.

Whether it’s just guys stating their feelings, antagonistic, silly or immature might depend on point of view. Athletes clearly look at James differently than fans. Athletes always support the right of others to change teams, and to go for the money. But to get to Gordon’s point of taunting about riding in the Heat’s parade clearly set some people off.
And LeCharles Bentley, ever the man’s man, responded with a series of Tweets that showed his disdain and anger — and will no doubt gain him many more admirers in the Cleveland area.
The first stated: 

But he wasn’t done.


And: “I’d cut you, resign you, cut you again, resign you, then bench you. Rid on that float…” Attached was a photo of child actor Gary Coleman.
And finally: “Let me stop before I start cussing. Just a shame this is ‘ok’ among those that pee standing up. Stand on your merit as an athlete/man”
At this point, the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.