Indians rank among top teams in Twitter engagement

Carlos Carrasco is making the Indians tweet a lot of cookie emojis


In data collectived from June 15 to the All-Star break (July 16), the Cleveland Indians rank among the best teams in baseball at Twitter engagement per Fangraphs statistics.

The Indians ranked among the top ten in every category of Fangraphs Twitter engagement statistics except for replies. 

Over the month span, the Indians Twitter account had 139 retweets, 285 replies, 1,213 favorites, 711 media cards, 153 emojis and 29 fire emojis.

Overall, the Indians ranked fifth among teams in total Twitter engagement with their best category being fire emjois, in which they topped out at second, behind the Chicago Cubs.

The Indians have used a lot of cookie emojis more recently to record Carlos Carrasco’s strikeout totals. Carrasco’s nickname is ‘cookie’ becauase of his love for the dessert.