Cy Young winner Kluber channels his inner robot on magazine cover

Corey Kluber is indeed part robot.

Lance Iversen/Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

After his electric 2014 campaign, many began to question if Cleveland Indians pitcher Corey Kluber is actually part robot.

We now have evidence that the suspicions are true and he is not 100 percent human.

Nicknamed the ‘Klubot’, the reigning Cy Young award winner is featured on the cover of April’s issue of ‘Popular Mechanics’ magazine, a technology, science and automotive themed magazine.

Kluber is highlighted in a series about 42 Things You Should Know How To Do, one being how to throw a curveball, which Kluber has definitely perfected — or should we say, automated?

"I hold my curveball almost the exact same way that I hold my fastball — with my index and middle fingers just along the narrow part of the seam," Kluber told the magazine. "It’s just a matter of manipulating my hand into a slightly different position during the release."

He makes it sound so easy — and looking at his numbers, for him, it might be.

‘Klubot’ went 18-9 with a 2.44 ERA in 2014, beating out Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez for the Cy Young Award. Kluber, who logged 269 strikeouts over 235 2/3 innings pitched last season, was named the Indians’ Opening Day starter last week by manager Terry Francona.

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