Indians’ Chris Johnson sustains spider bite – superpowers possible?

Johnson is hitting .429 with the Indians in seven games

David Richard

Cleveland Indians third baseman Chris Johnson was unavailable for Sunday’s game after sustaining a nasty spider bite on his finger.

Johnson said he would keep the team updated on whether he develops any superpowers. Spider-Man developed his superpowers after being bitten by a spider, could Johnson do the same?

He would be a super baseball player – at least the Indians medical staff seemed to think so.

"[They were] saying that I’d be pretty good at baseball being Spider-Man," Johnson told reporters Sunday.

But Johnson – if he were to develop superpowers – would prefer to be doing superhero things rather than baseball: "You’ll know," he said, "I’ll be gone. I’ll be saving the world."

Indians fans quickly took to Photoshop to see what Johnson would look like as the new Spider-Man.