Cavs’ mascot Moondog feuds with mascot-bully Robin Lopez on Twitter

Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moondog Twitter dunked on Robin Lopez.

David Richard/David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Robin Lopez is known around mascot circles as a bully. A playful bully, but someone every mascot has to keep an eye on.

Just look what he did to Hooper the Detroit Pistons’ mascot back in December.

By now, NBA mascots should know better than to mess with RoLo…

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With a bully like that coming to the Q, Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moondog has to watch his back, because according to Twitter he is already on Lopez’s radar.

Moondog didn’t seem concerned, poking fun at Lopez for being the lesser known of the two Lopez brothers in favor of his brother Brook. Even showed he knows his stuff by dropping a Mikan brother reference.

But Lopez refused to let go, so Moondog shook him off with this:

Looks like Moondog won the Twitter battle, but Lopez could try to get revenge on Wednesday night. And while Lopez currently has a broken hand and shouldn’t pose too much of a threat, Moondog might want to keep that head on a swivel.


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