New decision? Group mounts campaign asking LeBron to participate in dunk contest

LeBron James throws the hammer down.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James already made one huge decision this past offseason but now a group wants him to make another — and soon.

Challeng, an organization that describes itself as "the first platform for fun challenges to support great causes" has set one out for the people — get James to be a part of the NBA slam dunk contest.

The crux of the campaign is to donate to the cause and then if James does choose to participate, the group will donate any money earned to Boys and Girls Clubs of America (as of Wednesday afternoon, more than $6,000 had already been raised). Should James choose not to participate, donations are refunded, according to the site.

In the challenge video, a boy asks LeBron, "What’s the one thing all the greats have done that you haven’t?"

The dunk contest has evolved over the years into an exhibition scarcely featuring the NBA’s biggest stars. While Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin and John Wall have all won it in the past decade, so have Fred Jones, Nate Robinson and Jeremy Evans.

Back in 2012, James said he would never enter the dunk contest. But if he ever did, James said he would win.

James’ entrance — and dunks like these — would surely add mega star power back to the event.

This year’s slam dunk contest will take place Saturday, Feb. 14 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.