MORE HISTORY: LeBron matches Jordan in postseason number

For better or worse, LeBron James is often compared to NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Sunday, he evened Jordan when it comes to one playoff feat.

James’ buzzer-beating, game-winning shot pushed the Cleveland Cavaliers past the Chicago Bulls and evened their series at 2. It was the third time James has won a playoff game for his team with a buzzer beater, as many times as Jordan did the same in his career.

At age 30, James his plenty of time still to pass Jordan in that category.

Here’s another interesting comparison of the two greats’ late-game performances.

For those who may doubt James’ clutch ability in this era, look no further than this statistic.

Let’s take a look back at all three of James’ postseason buzzer beaters – two with Cleveland and one as a member of the Miami Heat.

No. 1: 2009 Eastern Conference Finals Game 2 – Cavs vs. Orlando Magic

No. 2: 2013 Eastern Conference Finals Game 1 — Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers

No. 3: 2015 Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 4 — Cavs vs. Bulls