By the numbers: How many 60-in. TVs could you fit inside Browns new video boards? & more

West end zone view

If you drive down the Shoreway past FirstEnergy Stadium, you’ve probably noticed the construction underway on the orange edifice.

The team is in the process of the first phase of renovations, which include Improvements to lower-bowl seating and the implementation of larger video boards. Just how big? Here are some of the eye-popping statistics from the Browns for the two main 40-foot by 192-foot angled video boards:

– Will be NFL’s fourth €largest in 2014

– 6,900 sq. ft., nearly tripled in size

East end zone view

– Equivalent in size to 645 60-€in. HD TVs

– Comparable to avg. U.S. home (2,200 sq. ft.) with full-size basketball court (4,700 sq. ft.)

– Placed end-€to-€end, two scoreboards (384 ft.) are taller than Rhodes Tower (373 ft.)

– 192 feet across the top, 178 feet across the middle, 132 feet across the bottom

Southeast corner – University Hospitals Gate view

Here are some of the to-date numbers provided by the Browns about the continuing construction process:

— Approximately 175 workers onsite

– Removed more than 5.5 million pounds of materials

— Already installed more than 2 million pounds of steel

— Poured more than 13.3 million pounds of concrete