Lovin’ it! Browns RB Ben Tate hangs out with 44 fans at a McDonald’s

Ben Tate is doing a really good job of ingratiating himself with a new fan base.

The running back who the Cleveland Browns signed this offseason previously had a contest where he picked fans to join a NCAA tournament bracket challenge but took it to a whole other level Monday night.

Tate spontaneously chose 44 (his jersey number) of the most creative Browns fans who tweeted a photo or statement proving their loyalty to meet up with him.

Where’d they get together?

At a Mickey D’s, where Tate’s reported $2.5 million in guaranteed money from the Browns would definitely cover the bill.

Yes, Ben Tate ignited a "Here We Go Brownies" chant at a northeast Ohio McDonald’s on an April weeknight.

If for some reason you had any doubts left about the intensity of Cleveland’s football allegiance, just check out some of the submissions that earned the chance to meet Tate.

From the bathroom…

To the road…

And even dressing up.