Are the Browns looking to add cheerleaders?

Will the Browns join in-state rivals the Bengals in putting together a group of cheerleaders?


We already know the Browns will be wearing redesigned uniforms for the 2015 season but could a new addition be coming with the new look?

The Cleveland Browns are currently one of six NFL teams remaining without cheerleaders on the sidelines, but that could be changing, at least according to a report by Cleveland Scene’s Will Burge.

Burge writes a team source says the organization is "moving toward adding cheerleaders" in 2015, but the Browns declined to comment on the subject.

Obviously, this is all speculation but let’s play along for a minute.

What would the Browns cheerleaders be named? The Bengals have "The Ben-Gals," the Bills "The Jills" and the Seahawks "The Sea Gals." A play on "gals" is a popular component so how about the "Dawg Gals," as a nod to the "Dawg Pound?"  



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Now, for the question of what they would wear — Cleveland is cold and the swirling winds off the lake can make FirstEnergy Stadium anything but a place for scantily clad people.

The Browns have had cheerleaders before (albeit for just one season in 1971) as Bill Lubinger explains in a very interesting 2010 piece for The Plain Dealer.

Pat Modell, wife of former Browns owner Art Modell, described those cheerleaders’ attire in a less than fond way: "They looked crazy. It was ridiculous. It was so cold in Cleveland that it almost looked like they were wearing wooly pajamas."

Come December in Cleveland it’s sometimes even hard to move your face, which can often feel plastered solid from the intensity of the wind chill. So, that could make cheering a challenging prospect. Moving around is an excellent way to stay warm though, so that’s a plus.

NFL cheerleaders have been in the news of late with allegations aimed at their employers, including members of the Ben-Gals and Jills suing their respective franchises over wage compensation.

We’ll keep an eye on the possibility of a Browns cheerleading squad but for now it’s just a rumor.