Never say never: Manziel partying with Justin Bieber?

Is Johnny Manziel the next victim of the "Curse of Bieber"?

When it comes to creating a stir, not many do it better than Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and pop star Justin Bieber.

Put the two together and you have a situation that’s sure to get some attention.

Bieber posted a photo of him, Manziel, boxer Floyd Mayweather and musician Tyrese to his Shots account, which features countless Bieber selfies.

TMZ reports the soiree got a bit loud and the cops were called for noise complaints. Wrong place, wrong time for Johnny Football? Or wrong person to be keeping company with, considering Bieber has been a magnet for trouble of late.

Manziel has now been chronicled floating on a swan, attempting to use a stack of cash as a phone and hanging with Justin Bieber. For football fans, the real, very pressing concern is whether Manziel will be the next victim of the "Curse of Bieber."

The Blackhawks felt its wrath.

As did Spain.

Keep your friends close and your bandwagon-jumping sports fans closer?