Shutdown corner: Browns’ Haden turns down young Steelers fan

Autograph etiquette 101: When approaching a pro athlete to sign something, don’t wear another team’s gear, especially not one of a rival.

Unfortunately for a young Steelers fan who had not learned this lesson, it was Browns cornerback Joe Haden who taught him the hard way.

Watch as the eager kid, sporting the jersey of former Steeler Hines Ward, approaches Haden and does not get the response for which he could have been hoping.

The video appears to have been taken at Brush High School in northeast Ohio, when Good Games Athletics’ "Camp Haden" was taking place.

Also take note of the kid in the Haden No. 23 shirt who gets his signature with no issue.

Haden takes the game seriously. Look no further than his emotional response after a loss to the Jaguars during the Browns’ losing streak last season. His reaction to the kid is all in good fun, but the Browns-Steelers rivalry is serious business for the players and fans in Cleveland.

(h/t Waiting For Next Year)