Four Bearcats in trouble after off-campus party incident with police

Senior running back Hosey Williams racked up more than 100 yards in Cincinnati's game against Toledo last week.

Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports

Four University of Cincinnati football players, including starting running back Hosey Williams, were involved in an incident involving police at an off-campus party early Sunday morning that led to the arrest of one and citations for three others, according to reports.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Thursday that Williams, a senior, was cited on charges of disorderly conduct while intoxicated, and that freshman cornerback Alex Thomas was arrested on obstruction charges, accused of failing to follow police orders to stop running from them during the incident. The police were called to the 100 block of Lyon Street near the UC campus in Clifton because of reported gunshots.

None of the UC players is accused of being involved with the reported gunshots.

Junior cornerback Leviticus Payne and sophomore linebacker Ey’Shawn McClain were cited on charges of having outstanding warrants on previous charges of marijuana possession. The two players were cited by campus police on Feb. 8, according to the Enquirer, on charges of misdemeanor possession but failed to either show for their court dates or pay the $130 fine.

"This kind of behavior is not acceptable and not indicative of the UC football program," said UC head coach Tommy Tuberville in a statement released by the university.

Tuberville said Thomas has been suspended from the team at least until his legal issues have been resolved, which means Thomas will miss at minimum four games. The three other players remain on the active roster and will be disciplined in-house, although what exactly that will entail has not been publicly specified.

UC (1-0) hosts rival Miami (0-3) Saturday night at Paul Brown Stadium in the 119th game of their series.

The full statement from Tuberville:


"Over the weekend, four members of the University of Cincinnati football program were involved in an unfortunate incident that resulted in one arrest and three citations. We have higher expectations of everyone within our football program and there will be consequences for those actions.

"Alex Thomas was arrested by the Cincinnati Police Department and charged with obstruction after running from the scene. In accordance with my team rules, he will not be eligible to participate in a game until his legal matter is completely resolved. He has a preliminary court date on Oct. 14 so he will miss at least four games and possibly more.

"Three other players, Ey’Shawn McClain, Leviticus Payne and Hosey Williams, were cited for minor misdemeanors and they have been disciplined for their involvement in the incident. They remain on our active roster.

"This kind of behavior is not acceptable and not indicative of the UC football program. Moving forward, we will continue to educate our players on making good decisions and being great representatives of the University."