Chad Johnson on unsold Bengals tickets, “I’ll get the rest”

Will Chad save the Bengals?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As most of us know, the Bengals are having a tough time selling out their home playoff game against the Chargers on Sunday, and if they fail to fill the seats, the game will be blacked out in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Lexington, Ky. according to league rules.

Well, former Bengal Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) may have a solution.

Will Chad actually follow through with his claim and pick up the tickets? Who knows, but if anyone would do it, it would be Ochocinco.

So, in the coming days continue to monitor Chad’s twitter account because if he buys all these tickets he is going to have to give them away somehow.

Come on Chad, Bengals fans everywhere (or at least the ones needing to watch on TV) are counting on you!