Cavs Preseason

As a new season of Cavaliers basketball approached, we aimed to interact with fans on social media to engage them in Cavs preseason and enhance their viewing experience of our linear preseason game coverage. It all started with Media Day that included an Instagram story where fans asked players and broadcasters questions they answered directly from the event. We streamed live on social media only pregame shows during which fans could ask questions and interact with us. We also share social content throughout the preseason, such as player sound, behind-the-scenes content, etc., along with clipped linear highlights from the games to drive social conversation and linear tune-in. The social content posted over 3 weeks of Cavs preseason generated over 72,000 engagements.

Live social-only pregame shows

Story video from media day (used the question sticker and had talent and players answer)

Story from preseason games (it’s all in one rip on IG – again could bundle the stories and export as video)