Carrasco looking ahead to next start and not on Tuesday’s scary incident

Carlos Carrasco has some swelling to the jaw and face after taking a line drive from Melky Cabrera during Tuesday's game.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

To see Carlos Carrasco after Wednesday’s 4-2 Indians victory over the White Sox, you wouldn’t have known that 20 hours earlier he took a line drive to the face.

Carrasco saw a replay of Melky Cabrera’s liner on Wednesday morning but viewed it just once. That is the only time he plans on watching it. For anyone who thinks that the right-hander might be skittish when he makes his next start, Carrasco said what happened on Tuesday night is part of the game and that it is time to move on.

"I got a scare but everything is coming out OK," he said. "I got hit pretty good but nothing is broken. You have to prepare for it. That is what we practice in spring training with the rag balls."

Having a rag ball thrown by Brad Mills at a pitcher is one thing, having it come off a bat after a changeup is another.

Carrasco does have some swelling to the jaw and face along with an imprint of a couple of seams from the baseball if you look at him up close. Had Carrasco not gotten his glove up to at least partially deflect the liner, it would have been much worse.

"I tried to catch it with the heel of my glove but it was too fast," he said.

After getting hit by the line drive, Carrasco said he was knocked out for about 10 seconds before trainer James Quinlan started talking to him. Things were blurry for a little bit after that but started to improve once he was taken to the cart. Carrasco was taken to Lutheran Hospital, where tests and X-rays were negative. By the end of Tuesday’s game, Carrasco had returned to the ballpark and was doing arm exercises.

Carrasco said he has received over 25 text messages from family and friends and is in the process of answering them. Cabrera, though, has yet to reach out to him. Carrasco’s wife and kids saw the play live but he had a chance to assure them that everything is OK.

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"For everything that happened he’s in a good place. If you play enough you are going to get hit. He understands the need to go play," manager Terry Francona said.

Carrasco was supposed to start Sunday against Minnesota but he has been pushed back a day, which is the start of a three-game series against the White Sox. Carrasco said he asked for that and that the coaching staff agreed.

With Trevor Bauer allowing only two runs in six innings, Carrasco, who is 1-1 with a 2.84 ERA, said he learned a lot from Wednesday’s game that he is hoping to apply.

"Bauer did a good job of attacking the hitters. That’s something I think I didn’t do," he said.