Cameron notices Graham ruling

After a breakout year with the Browns, Jordan Cameron might be rethinking what position group he wants to be considered a part of. 

Ken Blaze/Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

You can bet Jordan Cameron was paying attention to the Jimmy Graham ruling.

The Saints Pro Bowl tight end was determined to be a tight end and not a wide receiver for franchise-tag purposes by arbitrator Stephen Burbank.

Graham had the franchise tag placed on him this year and he argued that he was a wide receiver, rather than a tight end. The cost to franchise a player that is a wide receiver this year was $12.3 million, whereas the franchise tag for a tight end was $7 million — a difference of $5.3 million between the two positions.

Prior to today’s ruling, Cameron’s twitter bio said "Pro Bowl TE for the Browns." After the ruling, Cameron’s bio says "Pro Bowl pass catcher for the Browns."

Burbank referred to Graham’s social media accounts where he referred to himself as a tight end.

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