Cam Atkinson bought diehard CBJ fans tickets to Game Six

Cam Atkinson gives huge Blue Jackets fans a treat.


Throughout this season and especially these playoffs fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets proved to those watching that they are a devoted group.

Some of those in "The 5th Line" were camping outside of Nationwide Arena Sunday night before Game Six to get tickets – and received quite a surprise.  

To see the special relationship between the Jackets players and fans look no further than what Cam Atkinson did.

After his girlfriend spotted the diehard fans’ actions on Twitter, Atkinson and his dad went down to the area to surprise them and went one step further. The 24-year-old winger took out $400 and paid for the tickets of the first 10 people in line.

The Jackets provided another taste of the type of team they are, digging out of a 4-0 hole to get within a goal in the game’s final minutes. Though they ultimately fell and got knocked out by the Penguins, their fans were proud.

Those chants of C-B-J after the loss should resonate all offseason. Atkinson’s gesture is just one example of the connection between the Columbus players and fans. And come next time, there may be a lot more people waiting anxiously overnight for tickets.