Browns fan searches for team’s next QB on Craigslist

Cleveland, warm up your arms baby! It may not officially be the Cleveland Browns, but the search for the “Craigslist Quarterback” is on! Start throwing fades, deep balls, and slants in the backyard and memorizing that playbook!

Personally, I’ve pretty much already decided that I’m going to respond to this ad. Who knows maybe Chud is behind this and using a fake e-mail address?

“If you can throw a ball, come apply! If you can’t, come anyway! We can teach you the basics….throwing the ball to the guy who has the same color shirt as you. Throwing the ball reasonably close to a receiver that’s WIDE OPEN, throwing the ball more than 3 yards on 3rd and 16. Think you got what it takes? Come on down! You’re the next contestant on Cleveland Quarterbacks!”

Answered yes to every single one of these, now where do I sign up? This Browns fan might actually rather have me, a former college punter, line up and kick on every down than have Brandon Weeden continue to play quarterback.

I mean, seriously? Only in Cleveland. 

According to the ad, redheads need not apply.