Brady Hoke – still kind of an idiot

Michigan coach Brady Hoke still hasn’t learned when to be cordial and when to be controversial..
Monday at West Michigan Sports Commission luncheon, he tried to rile up the faithful by saying that Notre Dame is “chickening out” from from playing Michigan from 2015-2017.
Notre Dame exercised an option in its contract with Michigan to cancel games during that time frame.
Buckeye fans like myself chuckle with glee at watching these two schools trade childish barbs, but Hoke has made a fool of himself in this case.
There are times for fun and games like the reference to “that school up North” and calling Ohio State “Ohio” (although Bobcat fans don’t take kindly to that one).
But this is just school kid antics and it’s petty. Brady Hoke still doesn’t know the difference between being a serious, cordial coach and a blabbering jackass.
After all, isn’t this the guy that in April had to bribe his own students with free donuts, just to get them to show up for games on-time?
Notre Dame has scheduling conflicts within the ACC for those three years, and will get back to playing Michigan after those are resolved.
Besides, since the turn of the century, Notre Dame is 5-6 against the Wolverines.  If that’s a record that makes a team “chicken-out”, Michigan would have begged to stop playing Ohio State a long time ago.