911 call potentially related to alleged Bradley Roby incident released

Former Ohio State Buckeyes defensive back Bradley Roby has been projected as a potential first-round pick.

Brian Spurlock/Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby has vehemently defended himself against allegations that he was drunken driving. However, a 911 call from the night of the incident presents claims that may not be in line with Roby’s defense.

10TV in Columbus reports a caller told police dispatch a black Dodge Charger, which Roby may have been driving, nearly "hit a bunch of kids on the sidewalk. And now, the driver is passed out drunk."

Roby was allegedly found passed out behind the wheel of a car in downtown Columbus on April 20 and charged with OVI after police said he failed a sobriety test.

The former Buckeye offered a stark rebuttal to those claims Friday morning with a series of tweets in which he said, "I was not drunk. Was not driving. I did not get arrested. Was not in a cell. No finger prints. No mugshot."

Roby is scheduled to be in court Tuesday morning. He was suspended from the Buckeyes after a bar fight last summer but the charges in that case were dropped.

Whether the incident may affect the draft stock of Roby, one of 30 players to be invited to attend the event in New York City, is now a question.