Bourn: ‘Come on out and watch us play. That’s all we want.’

CLEVELAND — The Indians played a three-game series in September with a playoff spot on the horizon.

They played the Kansas City Royals, who might not be a “sexy” team but are a team chasing the same wild card spot.

Average attendance for the three games: 11,498.

In September.

For a meaningful game.

Twice this September the Indians attendance was below 10,000 — a first in Progressive Field history. In both cases, the games were against teams the Indians are fighting for a playoff spot.

The numbers have garnered attention, from the players and the front office. One player was willing to speak about the low turnouts, but Michael Bourn did not criticize or rip anyone.

He merely expressed some of the confusion he and his teammates feel as they look at turnouts for meaningful September games.

Bourn was asked: Are you getting a lift from the home crowds?

“Y’all tell me,” Bourn said. “You’re asking the question. There’s a reason you’re asking the question. We would like to be supported a little bit more, if we could. We’re two games out. In the hunt for the second wild card. It’s been a long time since there’s been a team in the wild card here.

“Last year they didn’t make it to this point. That extra man is a good push to have. It gets your blood flowing a little bit. I don’t see why (fans) shouldn’t believe in us. It’s a totally different team, a totally different atmosphere in the clubhouse.

“We fought to this point. I think we deserve that chance until the last day is over. We’re not asking for too much. We’re just asking for them to come out and support us, that’s it.

“We try to give them a good show every time they come out. Last few games have been kind of disappointing to us. We’re going to still play … but you want that atmosphere to be rocking like they had in the 90s. I know they were the team at the time. But we’re trying to work to be a good team. So we need that support.

“Hopefully they come out and support us during the week, the weekend. We know the Browns play on Sunday. We’ll give them their time. They can go to the game then. We understand that. But the other days, they’re at practice.

“Come on out and watch us play. That’s all we want. That’s all we’re asking for.”