Esiason rips Manziel: ‘Has no business being the starting quarterback’

Brian Hoyer was named the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Wednesday, a decision that former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason surely supports.

On his morning drive show "Boomer and Carton" this week, the CBS Sports analyst and WFAN radio host went off about Manziel, after the rookie quarterback’s middle finger to the Washington Redskins was caught on camera during Monday night’s preseason game.

As his partner Craig Carton defended Manziel, Esiason called the behavior "stupid." Then, he continued with more on Manziel.

"It goes to everything everyone has worried about this young man, about how a loose cannon he is, about how mature he is. I get it, he’s immature, he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s frustrated — I understand that," Esiason said. "And that’s why he has no business being the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns."

Manziel won’t be the starter for the Browns in Pittsburgh in Week 1. Pettine, however, did not call the team’s decision to go with Hoyer as their quarterback a knock on Manziel.


"He’s certainly made great strides," Pettine said of Manziel in a statement released Wednesday. "We are pleased with where he is, and he has shown that he has come a long way in his ability to pick up the playbook, be coachable and lead an offense. We are confident that Johnny is going to have a great future, but we just felt that Brian still had a decided edge on him."

Esiason, though, put the blame for the negative attitudes toward Manziel on one person.

"Every time that guy’s on the field the other team is gonna want to kill him," Esiason said. "It’s basically his own doing."