Andrew Bynum wants to be traded to Clippers or Heat, according to tweet

Either Roy Hibbert knows something we don’t, or he’s firing shots around the NBA — because he seems to have some inside information on the ever-puzzling on-going Andrew Bynum saga — we think.

The league-wide sentiment is that Bynum’s recent behavior — which has caused quite a mess for the Cavaliers — stems from his lack of interest in playing basketball. That sentiment was recently echoed by Bynum’s former mentor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but Hibbert suggests otherwise.

The Indiana Pacers big man shared his knowledge on the situation via Twitter, stating that Bynum hopes to get traded to a contender, preferably the Los Angeles Clippers or Miami Heat:

We’re not sure if Hibbert actually has any insight on the situation, or if he’s just taking a shot at Bynum, who doesn’t seem to be very popular among his teammates, or NBA players in general. It’s worth noting that Hibbert is known as quite the jokester, so it wouldn’t be the first time he took his comedy act to Twitter…

Either way, the Cavaliers are aggressively trying to rid themselves of Bynum‘s guaranteed contract. But even if they find a taker, don’t expect to see Bynum actually suiting up to play in an NBA game anytime soon.