6 or 23? LeBron seeks help from social media in choosing jersey number

Since LeBron James made his decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, many have wondered what number he would wear.

Based on a post by James Friday, he still doesn’t know either.

James posed the question "6 or 23?……" on Instagram, along with a split-screen shot of him photoshopped into a Cleveland No. 6 jersey, alongside him in a No. 23 Cavs jersey, which he wore in his first go-around in Cleveland.

Scroll through the responses and you’ll see that just about as many want No. 6 as No. 23.

With the Heat, James switched over to the No. 6 — and won two championships.

Some rumors have circulated that James might for a whole new number, the No. 32, which he wore his freshman year of high school. This post seems to squash that.

Any James apparel available for pre-order on the Cavs’ website lists his number as a place-holding "00." You’d have to imagine James will make a decision on the number soon, so those jerseys can be finalized and put in the hands of northeast Ohioans and the many LeBron fans across the country.