Twins Final Pitch: Minnesota avoids sweep in Oakland

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On the latest Twins Final Pitch, Paul Molitor spoke on the start of Kyle Gibson after a 5-1 win in the series finale.

TOM HANNEMAN: With Tim Laudner, Tom Hanneman, back in a Twins Final Pitch following Minnesota's 5-1 win in Oakland this afternoon. Twins spoil the A's party plans to celebrate the return to the playoffs. And they find a way to put together a strong finish to what was a challenging season on the road.

- Very challenging season on the road. Obviously the Twins are going to want to look back on 2018. See what kind of adjustments that they can make. Obviously it starts with the players on the field. And take a look, and see how some of these pieces are going to fit into the puzzle starting next year.

But it was a nice win today to finish up a very difficult 10 game road trip at the end of the season, that started in the Midwest, went back east a little bit, and then finished on the West Coast. And it took a really, really solid pitching performance from their starting pitcher to get that win today.

TOM HANNEMAN: Final numbers in this 5-1 victory. They had pitching power and a defensive precision, as well, to get to the finish line first in Oakland. Gibson the winner. Paul Molitor offered his assessment of Kyle's day.

- You know, the home run I'm sure frustrates him. Because I think it was 0-2 and he worked his way back into the count, and tried to get him on a slider, which he left up. But, you know, the damage that was allowed was minimum. Really not too many stressful innings. Other than the fact that we made some good plays to get off the field a couple of times.

But it was nice to see him rewarded with a win. Because there's been so many games where he's pitched well enough to give us a chance and just hasn't had the outcome land on his side of the ledger.

- Back home now for the final seven games of this season, all at Target Field, starting with three against Detroit.

- And it's an opportunity for these guys to finish strong at home, to finish strong in front of their home fans, who have just had a really tough win, a good win today against a very tough club in the Oakland A's. You want to bring that momentum home and finish strong against your home fans.

Baseball players-- we are paid for 162 games. So we might as well play them all. Play the string out. Shows a little character, fellas.

- Hope you'll join us Tuesday night at 6:30 for Twins Live ahead of Game 1-- Twins and Tigers from Target Field.