Twins Final Pitch: Offense developing identity

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On today's Twins Final Pitch, Tim Laudner says the Minnesota Twins are developing an identity at the plate.

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- With Tim Lauder, Tom Hanneman back in a "Final Pitch" following Minnesota's 8-5 win over Kansas City. They take the series with the Royals. Now 6 and 1 on the home stand.

Tim, this Twins team had a disastrous road trip, has come back and really turned things around at Target Field.

- And what has been so noticeable is the brand of baseball that this ball club has been playing. Yes, the starting pitching has been very good. The defense has been very good. But an offense that had been inconsistent, at best, is starting to develop some type of an identity.

And that is that they're gonna start bunching some hits together, and use the entire field, gap to gap, line to line. A "keep the train moving" sort of a attitude. And run around the bases, and have a lot of fun playing baseball.

A 15-hit attack today against the Kansas City Royals, pretty indicative of what the last seven games have been like. And so for the Twins to have success they need to continue that type of offense and believe in that type of offense for themselves.

The long fall-- this is part of it, but it's not the entirety. It's bunching those hits together for this ball club.

- Let's take a look at the totals in this one. Twins: 8 runs, 15 hits. They fell behind 3-nothing in the first inning on a Salvador Perez home run, but Lance Lynn able to survive and pick up the victory.

As for their manager, Paul Molitor, pleased with the way his team bounced back this afternoon.

- You know, we talk-- the word momentum's used a lot in here in sports. They rode last night's wave into the first inning. We got a nice play by Doz, but we couldn't finish. And then boom, three-run homer. Tough way to start.

You know, Lance had to regroup, I think, and find his way to get back on track and try to keep us in the game. And he did a good job with that. Excuse me. And then we pecked away.

Bobby Wilson had a really nice day. You know, RBI, two-out RBI to get us in within 3-2, and then got another big double for us. A lot of big hits late. The homers always help. And it was enough. It was nice to see us respond after falling behind early.

TOM HANNEMAN: Last series now before the all-star break starts tomorrow night when Tampa Bay comes to town. And it's Kyle Gibson against Blake Snell. 12 and 4 this season with an ERA just over 2. That will be a challenge against a Tampa Bay team that certainly has improved.

- They are improved, and they are playing good baseball. Winners of the last five, so they feel pretty good about themselves going into the last four games before the all-star break. They want to continue playing good baseball as well.

It's gonna be up to Minnesota Twins to match up against these guys, continue to play the kind of baseball that they're capable of. Play the good defense, get the good pitching, and continue with the offense that is a lot more fun to watch when you see these guys chasing each other around the bases and bunching those hits together.

- We'll be right back here tomorrow at 6:30 with "Twins Live" ahead of the series opener, the Twins and Rays. Hope you'll join us then.